4 syllable words part 2


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Here are some more sentences with 4 syllable words.

1. The teacher demonstrated how to use a dictionary.

2. I need more information about the new machinery.

3. Covid 19 is an example of evolution in real-time.

4. Charlie sent me his letter of resignation.

5. The politician spoke about capitalism.

6. I appreciate your observations.

7. The security situation in our country is grave.

8. She works for a large corporation.

9. Let's have a big celebration for your 50th birthday!

10. Would you rather study architecture or philosophy?

11. This new factory will manufacture motors for electric vehicles.

12. The letters X and Y are often used as variables in algebra.

13. It is hard for a robot to manipulate very small objects.

14. Language acquisition is an important part of child development.

15. The complexity of modern life can be overwhelming.
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