“Never Give Up on Your Life, Breaking World Records with 2 Autoimmune Diseases,” with adventurer Traci Martin


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“You can choose to sit at home and allow life to pass you by and feel sad and depressed that you’re not a part of it, or you can choose to get up and become a part of it.” - Traci
“If I was to die tomorrow, I would die knowing I made a difference in this world, and so I would die with no regrets” - Traci

“When you are sitting at home and you have your routine and your life, and something unexpected comes up, its so easy to give up, and when you are out on the river, and the only person you have to depend upon is yourself, you figure it out, you learn that you are a lot stronger physically and mentally than you ever thought was possible. Now that I know that, it's easier to tap into that strength.” - Traci

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode #17 of the adventure cure podcast! Do you ever meet those people who have everything working against them and yet they just keep showing up and kicking ass! Well that’s our guest today, Traci Lynn Martin. Traci is a fascinating and inspiring woman who, despite having rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma, just recently broke a Guinness world record as the fastest female solo paddler down the Mississippi River. Her mission in life these days is to help empower and encourage people with chronic pain to keep living their lives and to not give up on themselves. When she’s not breaking world records, Traci has been saving lives on the front lines of Covid-19, as a travel nurse. She is in her mid fifties, but it seems like the real adventure phase of her life is only just getting started. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from our conversation: “Once you have learned to tap into that strength, you never go back to doubting yourself again.” Ya'll are going to absolutely love this episode, and especially the last ten minutes, are pure Gold! Ok, no more waiting, let's go meet the legend herself!
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