Dr. John Demartini: Living According To Your Your Values Instead Of Succumbing To Distraction And Mediocrity


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What do you spontaneously do every day that brings you joy and requires no motivation? This is what you value most highly and that you must pursue in order to live as your authentic self!

That’s a pretty heavy message and it’s from the remarkable Dr. John Demartini, one of the world’s leading personal development experts. Listeners, we have had some high powered guests and shows before, but get ready for a brilliant exploration in finding your life purpose from world renowned human behavior expert Dr. John Demartini! You’ll hear about his incredible and unique life story and the unbelievable challenges and obstacles he faced growing up as he reveals that he was constrained to arm and leg braces until he was four years old, lived out his teenage years on the street and nearly died weeks before his 18th birthday—an experience that shifted him onto a different course. Then, at 18, he learned to read, and he wrote his first book. For someone that couldn’t read and write, Dr. John illustrates that anything is possible.

In this episode, you’ll learn seven powerful strategies for managing stress, why you should pay yourself first, how to overcome inaction, and why physical wellbeing begins first in the mind. We talk about how to find your niche and get to where you want to go, embracing the science of goal setting, and the importance of gratitude journaling. Dr. John also explains why motivation doesn’t work, breaks down how you can effectively maximize your potential, and how to awaken your inner genius. He also reveals that we create internal conflict with our authentic self when we traffic in thoughts and phrases like, “I need to, I should, I have to…” because these things require motivation, which as we all know, is now turning out to be flimsy and unreliable. If you like memorable and inspiring quotes that will help you put your ideas into action or need help zeroing in on what your purpose is, then this is the show for you!!

Dr. John Demartini is an internationally published author, global educator, and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology. He has studied over 30,000 books across academic disciplines and has authored over 40 books and manuscripts including the #1 bestseller ‘The Breakthrough Experience®’ which has been translated into over 36 languages.


A great life is not by accident. It’s built on purpose. [01:20]

What do you spontaneously do every day that brings you joy and requires no motivation? [03:24]

The tool on Dr. Demartini’s website is useful to determine what your real mission and priorities in life are. [06:32]

Motivation and willpower are relatively flimsy tools. What are your values? [08:13]

We have drifted away from what values are to what is determined by society. Your hierarchy of values will dictate your destiny. [13:30]

How do we determine how to delegate tasks to others? [18:14]
If the person's not doing what they love and loving what they do, they're going to be burdened


In an effort to get ahead, people think, “when I get ahead, I’ll save.” But it is the other way around. When you save, you get ahead. [24:27]

People tend to compare themselves with others and thereby get the message, “I should,” “I need to,” which means they have some outside authority whispering in their head. [26:33]

Are these principles available within the reach of everyone? We need to take a good look at how we spend our time. [31:55]

Dr. Demartini does not do low priority things. He only does what he enjoys. [37:45]

Because he had a learning disability, he didn’t learn to read until he was 18. [42:09]

Anything you need motivation to do, is not you. [45:20]

If you can’t be honest with yourself, it’s because you’re afraid of what other people think about you. [52:57]


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