Regular Guy Friday Ep. 66: How Your Body Always Keep Score


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When you don't process all that's in your mind, your stomach will process it for you - and you'll feel it. When you feel it, you need to listen. When you listen, you need to surrender. When you surrender, you need to love. When you release attachments to outcomes you receive more. When you say 'I forgive you' here's the problem. Don't improvise. Hoe vegetables, not weeds. Take Coke, make Pepsi. There's a Bizzaro version of Superman in the comics but did you know there's a Bizzaro @mariamenounos in real life?

RGF Bonus: @thekelseymeyer & @poojanayyarr continue to rate icons. This week they rate @williamshatner aka #CaptainKirk while @undergaro does a scene breakdown from #wrathofkahn highlighting it's many life lessons. In every revolution there's always one man with a vision. Bye Betches.

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