Kate “Fabletics” Hudson (Live from LA)


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B-12 shots anyone? At their sold out show in Los Angeles, the gals sip woman-owned vodka and swim in the warm bathwater that is rom-com queen Kate Hudson’s diet/lifestyle book “Pretty Happy: The Healthy Way to Love Your Body.” From journaling to almonds, green juice to dumb b*tch juice—this is your path to inner peace. Best friend and country music sensation Sam Buck Rosen joins to reveal a shocking Kate Hudson story. Get moving, kaphas!

And—in this week’s VIP Lounge (out on Friday!) the iconic Jacqueline Novak of POOG is here to talk masculine hotel rooms, the power of lighting, and the void that is the Container Store. To get an extra episode of CBC every week, sign up for the VIP Lounge at patreon.com/cbcthepod

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