Episode 278: WCW Slamboree 1997


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What a difference a year made in the life of World Championship Wrestling! In last week's podcast we looked back on Slamboree 1996, an event most fans hated. A year later? Most everyone loved Slamboree 1997.

The advent of the NWO had a lot to do with that, but so did the return of Ric Flair after being off for eight months with shoulder problems. Flair teams with Roddy Piper and Kevin Greene of the NFL to face Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx in the main event.

But here is so much more, including a great opening match between Lord Steven Regal against Ultimate Dragon, and others including Rey Mysterio, the Steiners, Dean Malenko, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Benoit, Meng, Konnan and MORE.

Get ready for a great time watching Slamboree 1997...and watch out for the F***ing GOOSE!

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