#005: Seizing Your Second Act with Bonnie C. Schutz


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In her “Second Act”, Bonnie Schutz is the owner of Tandem Resource Solutions as well as co-author on the books, Phoenix Rising and Corporate Dropouts. Formerly in the corporate world, Bonnie now operates as an entrepreneur, with grown children and a desire for a remote flexible position for travel. Tandem Resource Solutions is a recruitment agency for administrative professionals and virtual assistants. During this transition, Bonnie also connected heavily with the group Second Act Women, a community of support for women in their 40s and 50s+.
Bonnie’s Flavor of Leadership
She calls herself a “cheer”-leader. Bonnie leads with her heart as a nurturer. She operates by affording the benefit of the doubt and second chances, she says almost to a fault. Her leadership style and motivation came from what she lacked in leaders in the past. She believes in building relationships and nurturing them to grow a strong team. She admits she needs the grit and is working on it, but every flavor of leadership is necessary to make the world go round.
Supporting Women in their Second Act
Bonnie emphasizes the importance of support and community. Through Tandem Resource Solutions, she works with a variety of women in their second act searching for the next opportunity. It is so important to decide, are you ready to leave the corporate world and move on to an entrepreneurial opportunity? Or would a new position be the right transition? Today’s business standards can make women feel “old” and not up to par, but it's about believing in your opportunities and seeking the right support.
Personal Challenges and Delegation
Since beginning her journey as a leader and entrepreneur, Bonnie has felt the weight of success on her shoulder. That feeling of anxiety and need for certainty is impactful on her day-to-day. One solution for her is learning to delegate. Her nurturing leadership shines through her advice to build relationships and trust as the foundation for delegating tasks. Bonnie’s experience is that when you let in your team and admins, they want to serve you and they want to see your business shine. She also reminds leaders to recognize these members who work so hard, as they are often the unsung heroes of a business.
If you’d like to learn more about Bonnie Schutz, you can connect with her on Linked In. Tandem Resource Solutions is also accessible online and through social media. If you are ready for your second act, Bonnie has provided the information for Second Act Women, the community of support she works with.
What’s Inside:

  • How to seize the opportunity in your second act of life?
  • Leadership Style: The Nurturer
  • How to transition from the corporate world in your second act.
  • Handling anxiety in business is the root of the issue.
  • Advice for business leaders struggling with delegation.

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