Understanding & Controlling Aggression | Episode 71


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This episode I describe the neural mechanisms that activate and control aggressive states and behaviors and the role of hormones—estrogen and testosterone—in mediating violent and and/or competive aggression. I also describe tools that can be used to modulate the factors that have been shown to ‘prime’ an individual for aggression, including sunlight, estrogen sensitivity, competition within social settings, and overall stress levels, and the hormone cortisol. I discuss how substances such as caffeine and alcohol can impact impulsive behaviors, and how nutrition and supplementation can be used to regulate mood and aggression.

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(00:00:00) Aggression, Types of Aggression

(00:03:33) Sponsors

(00:08:29) Neural Circuits for Aggression, “Hydraulic Pressure Model”

(00:15:50) Brain Regions Controlling Aggression, Ventromedial Hypothalamus (VMH)

(00:22:14) Psychiatric Disorders & Aggression

(00:23:36) Stimulation of the VMH, Estrogen Receptors & Aggression

(00:31:57) Neural Circuits Mediating Physical Acts of Aggression, Biting

(0:35:56) Testosterone & Competitiveness/Estrogen & Aggression

(00:43:00) Sunlight, Melatonin & Aggression

(00:45:46) Cortisol, Serotonin & Aggressive Behaviors

(00:51:56) Tool: Omega-3 Supplementation & Mood

(00:54:18) Tool: Sunlight, Sauna & Cortisol Reduction

(00:55:54) Tool: Ashwagandha & Cortisol Reduction

(00:57:06) Tool: Seasonality/Sunlight, Genetic Variation in Estrogen Sensitivity

(01:00:37) Testosterone & Aggression, Competitive Work Environments

(01:05:07) Testosterone, Amygdala, Challenge & Effort

(01:09:27) Caffeine, Alcohol & Impulsivity

(01:13:15) Tool: Caffeinated Alcohol Beverages, Impulsivity & Aggression

(01:17:18) Tool: ADHD, Acetyl-L Carnitine & Aggressive Behavior

(01:24:10) Factors Affecting the “Hydraulic Pressure Model” of Aggression

(01:25:44) Book by Dr. David Anderson, Aggression & Social Relationships

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