Where Does Your Food Come From? Chip Carter Talks About the Special People Who Bring It to You


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Chip Carter is a natural-born storyteller. And he’s made a profession of it for over 30 years. He worked as a journalist for several prominent national newspapers before he decided to return to his farming roots and begin to tell stories about America’s farmers. At that point, he launched the Southeast Produce Weekly, a publication and Website that covered news about fresh produce in that region. Building on the success of that, he created a new television show called “Where the Food Comes From” which is about… well, the name speaks for itself! Season one is just finishing up and season two is almost ready to debut. The show airs on the RFD-TV network. Chip joins us to talk about the miracle of how our food gets to us and the heroes he has met while filming the show who work so hard to make it happen.

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