Sustainable Daisen Travel Experiences to Save the Giant Salamanders - Guided hikes, cycle, walks in Tottori Japan


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Richard Pearce is the Founding Director at Bushido Adventure Travel Ltd and Owner at Richiyado Guesthouse who has a passion for sustainable travel and tourism in the Tottori area of Japan. Watch the video of this talk

Richard also started a new organization in recent years to protect the Giant Salamanders of Mt.Daisen and in the process realized the need is beyond the animals themselves, as it is necessary to take on sustainability focused projects that enhance the level of environmental protection for the area.

The Sustainable Daisen NPO which Richard co-founded does lots of great work in the Tottori area to reduce the use of plastics, increase environmental and social impact awareness, and plant trees to regenerate the forest, streams and natural areas around Daisen.



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