Morning Fitness, Optimizing Hydration, Screentime Management, Sleep Tips, Cognitive Biases & Other Uber-Helpful Life Hacks With Modern Wisdom's Chris Williamson.


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Chris Williamson is a podcaster, YouTuber and club promoter.

He's into health, psychology, biohacking and a host of topics we love to talk about here at Ben Greenfield Life. His podcast is called "Modern Wisdom".

During our discussion, you'll discover: -Which is healthier? A car battery or Diet Dr. Pepper?... -How Chris got introduced to the world of podcasting, sharing his unique message with the world... -Chris' morning routine... -Routines and rituals throughout the day... -Ben and Chris' process for prepping for podcast interviews... -Chris' nutrition practices... -The dichotomy between the use of tech and practicing self-control... -Reading humans based on cognitive biases, and improving human relations... -Building a solid foundation for one's life... -And much more... Resources from this episode: Episode sponsors:


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