Massimo Pigliucci on How to Live a Happy Life


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Massimo Pigliucci is a Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York, former co-host of the Rationally Speaking Podcast, and former editor in chief for the online magazine Scientia Salon. His research interests include the philosophy of science, the relationship between science and philosophy, the nature of pseudoscience, and the practical philosophy of Stoicism. He’s the author and editor of many books, including the one discussed in this episode: A Field Guide to a Happy Life: 53 Brief Lessons for Living.

In this episode, Eric and Massimo discuss what Stoicism teaches us about how to live a good and happy life.

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Massimo Pigliucci and I Discuss How to Live a Happy Life and…

  • His book, A Field Guide to a Happy Life: 53 Brief Lessons for Living
  • What the term Stoicism means
  • The Cardinal Virtues of practical wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance
  • Origins of the Serenity Prayer
  • How the judgments we have are ultimately in our control
  • Coming to acceptance with our own death and then continuing on with life in the present moment
  • The Dichotomy of Control
  • The Discipline of Desire and Aversion in Stoicism
  • The most important characteristic of a person in life
  • Philosophical Journaling

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