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Spring is when birds build nests and lay eggs all over the place. And you have probably heard that if a baby bird falls out of the nest you shouldn’t put it back because the mother will abandon the baby. Is that true? Listen to hear the surprising answer.

Who hasn’t thought how great it would be to be a successful entrepreneur? However, it takes a certain kind of person to handle the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life and make it a success. CEO marketing coach Christopher Lochhead set out to discover what makes a great entrepreneur. Chris is author of the book Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets ( He joins me to discuss how successful business owners position their ideas and products to dominate the competition.

Public speaking scares just about everyone. Yet it is often required at school or in a meeting or even giving a formal speech. Since all of us will be called on to speak, why not arm yourself with some skills that will make you less nervous and perform better? Here with some great advice is Matt Abrahams . He is a lecturer at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business – he is the host of the podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart ( and author of the book Speaking Up Without Freaking Out (

How many times have you heard that staring at a computer screen for too long is bad for your eyes? So, what does that mean – “bad for our eyes”? Listen as I explain what research has shown about computer use and your eyesight.


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