We Can't Be The Only Ones


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From less-than-perfect dental hygiene to hoarding half a dozen beverages on the nightstand, today we’re dishing about the little quirks that make us who we are, inspired by the “I Can’t Be The Only One” chapter of Amy Krause Rosenthal’s Textbook. Join us for a number of (mostly shallow but occasionally deep) confessions, including but not limited to: throw up foods, the sheer satisfaction of carrying groceries in from the car in a single trip, and our complicated feelings around Botox and TikTok. This show is brought to you ad-free by our generous and loving Patreon community. If you’d like to support the work we do for as little as $1/month, head to Patreon.com/coffeeandcrumbs to join the party (where we host discussions after every episode, offer bonus content, and more!). For more encouragement in your motherhood journey, check out the stories at Coffee + Crumbs.

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