Episode 153 The Practical Magic of the Pelvic Floor with Dr. Brianne Grogan


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This episode is not just about pelvic health, it’s about how we can open our consciousness to include more of what we choose for our own bodies and our own health.

Ever since I experienced a prolapse I knew I wanted to do a podcast episode that would weave the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical components of our human being-ness. My powerful guest is Dr. Brianne Grogan who brings forward a treasure trove of wisdom for best practices for vital health and a life well lived—therefore, practical magic.

As Dr. Bri shared, the pelvic floor is the epicentre for so many of the body’s operations. We discussed bio-tensegrity a whole body approach. When one part of the body is compromised, the entire structure responds to balance out the problem. Many of us are still responding to the symptoms that might show up and not getting to the root of the issue. Learning more about the foundational aspect of the pelvic floor in particular brings us back into awareness first, and then control of our body’s vital health. That’s the practical. The magic comes in when we recognize that much of what we have accepted about our health and wellness may simply be an outdated belief system that is ready to be released. The invitation is to explore what beliefs you might be holding and what you have accepted as truth that might not be. Stepping into your own knowing and finding the right formula for yourself.

Dr. Bri has devoted herself to helping others understand their bodies through her incredible, accessible, information rich YouTube channel, Dr. Bri’s Vibrant Pelvic Health. She says that beginning with an awareness of the hidden anatomy of the pelvic floor (which most of us were not taught about) is key to understanding and trusting this part of our body and how it corresponds to our overall health. Many of the issues that result from pelvic floor dysfunction are very “common” but that doesn’t mean that they are okay or that we need to live with them. Gaining self awareness and understanding allows us to take the reigns back with confidence. We become adept at weaving the practical and the magical into the tapestry of our own embodiment.

As Bri says, It’s the challenges that change you and there are gifts in every challenge. I encourage every woman listening to go to Dr. Bri’s website to learn more, to visit her YouTube channel and in particular to watch the two videos she made on the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and health, and to tune into all parts of your own body to inner stand and choose the best for your own radiant health and joy-full living now!

Dr. Brianne Grogan website; https://www.vibrantpelvichealth.com/ YouTube channel; https://www.youtube.com/c/VibrantPelvicHealth Basics of pelvic anatomy and health video; https://youtu.be/A6vMWXBpLfE

For the podcast show page; https://www.artthatmoves.ca/podcasts/

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