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In this episode of our Couch Conversations podcast, Ms. Shavonne Strachan joins our host, Kareem O J Lee, to share what's on her heart about embracing God's Definition of who we are.

Shavonne is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is making waves in the nonprofit sector and business community, but more importantly she is a woman of faith who is intentionally nurturing her personal relationship with God. Shavonne Strachan grew up in poverty in the inner cities of Grand Bahama and was considered a troubled youth, after many struggles and personal battles both mentally and emotionally, Shavonne has accepted that her experiences were not wasted and that God had a purpose for her all along. She now dedicates time to advancing inner city communities and transforming lives. Shavonne Strachan is the founder of the NPO WeLife Foundation and has a track record of making an impact wherever she is present. Connect with Shavonne and learn more about her here:

Instagram/Facebook: Shavonne Strachan (Personal)

WeLife Foundation (NGO)

That’s_So_Lazy (Clothing Business)



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