#232 #JoeSatriani On #VanHalen Tribute Talks W/ #AlexVanHalen & #DavidLeeRoth & New Solo Album


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You heard it here first! Guitar virtuoso #JoeSatriani confirms he’s had direct talks with #AlexVanHalen and #DavidLeeRoth on the idea of a #VanHalen tribute tour. This comes days after former MetallicA bassist #JasonNewsted told a Florida newspaper he had a similar conversation with Alex Van Halen. Satch also talks about his new solo album, #TheElephantsofMars, and those early guitar lessons he gave fellow virtuoso #SteveVai and #MetallicA guitarist #KirkHammett. SHOW CREDITS: #JoeSatriani (guest). Dave Kinchen (host). Brother Shane McEachern (co-host, segment producer, and the thing that makes you go hmmm…). Intro made in part w/ Drum Pad Machine (DPM). Instagram: @RockNationsDK Twitter: @RockNationsDK. Facebook: @RockofNationsDK. www.rockofnationswithdavekinchen.com

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