America's Damp 40, Episode 03: The Sweet? 15


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America's Damp 40 countdown "welcomes" another five songs to the fray, including selections from Orleans, Melissa Manchester, James Taylor, Lionel Richie, and Dolly Parton. Is Manchester the girl from "Chevy Van"? How do the paradigm challenges of drag relate to moisture levels? Was JT low-key hateful this whole time? And did Sarah crack the anti-moisture code of country music before the police arrived to arrest her for speculating on Mr. Richie's "alone time"? It's Episode 03, and it is NOT for kids.

Our intro is by David Gregory Byrne, and our outro is by the Commodores. Interstitial music provided by Ol' Blue Eyes with an assist from Sarah's birthday-mate, Stephen Sondheim. To contact us or buy our books, visit To become a patron of the show, visit


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