S2, Ep. 10: Eating, Traveling, and Rocking with Kelly Rizzo


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At No Blackout Dates, we firmly believe in only three things: eating great food, traveling the world, and geeking out over early 2000s punk rock. Today’s guest Kelly Rizzo embodies the best of food, travel, and music. Kelly is the founder of Eat Travel Rock, a digital television show and production company that takes viewers behind the scenes of the things we most cherish. We discuss all things food and flying with Kelly, including America’s best food cities.

Beyond her incredible TV show, Kelly’s biggest contribution to the world of travel is that she has dialed in the formula for overcoming a fear of flying. The crew gets into her tricks and hones in on what exactly you can do to make flying a better experience. Spoiler -- it involves a certain app and a pair of headphones. What’s more, it works so well that even Bob Saget is on board.

Tim makes his triumphant return to No Blackout Dates this week after a month of paternity leave, and he’s rearin’ to go. In Hot Takes, the boys discuss whether or not the Flight Map (that animated seatback screen that tracks a flight's progress) is worth watching. Eben wonders when a gathering becomes a party (Tim knows the answer). And, for those accustomed to Eben’s ridiculous restaurant ideas, Tim brings a breath of fresh air as he discloses the duo’s next business venture.

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