10: The Invisible Workload of Women with Kelli Thompson


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Women are more often asked to do extra things at work than men. Things that do not translate into promotable actions, and we keep on saying yes to them. Listen as I chat with Kelli Thompson all about the invisible workload of women at work and how it contributes to burnout.

Kelli has spent more than 15 years in leadership, coaching, and training and has translated those skills into an amazing ability to help women find clarity and confidence in their careers. She was a chronic work addict and eventually realized that she was using work to avoid a terrible home life.

She only made the connection between her work and her home life after she finally left her first marriage. Once her home life calmed down, she started wanting to actually be home. So she had to start rebuilding and reinforcing her boundaries.

That was when she set out on a path to find her core values and implement them in a way that saw her life and career elevated.

Listen as she shares her story, how she finally made shifts to leave her burned out lifestyle, and why she’s passionate about helping women everywhere to do the same. Your career does not have to be draining. Find your joy and you’ll find the space you’re meant to occupy both personally and professionally!

Kelli is truly a badass and you won’t want to miss this conversation.

“Because if I was overworking, then I wouldn’t have to face just how horrible of a situation I was in, in my marriage, and that was an ‘aha’ for me.” Kelli Thompson

In this episode:

[01:55] Welcome Kelli Thompson to share her background and story.

[03:13] Kelli shares a story highlighting the invisible workload of women at work.

[07:39] What did her burnout look like from the outside?

[09:51] Did she have one particular moment where she realized her extra work wasn’t paying off?

[12:27] What helped her realize she was drowning in her own invisible workload?

[14:54] How can you take steps toward evaluating your invisible workload?

[20:48] “You will disappoint some people, and that’s okay.”

[22:42] There’s no reason for you to have to give an immediate answer to requests.

[24:36] Connect with Kelli.

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