4/16/22 – Shiur 367 – Should we be bringing a Korban Pesach these days? | A checklist for the Korban Pesach


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Can we bring Korbanos these days: Tumah, Techeilis, Kohanim - Can we rely on the Kohein DNA chromosone? The place of the Mizbeach - can it be proven archaeologically? Bigdei Kehuna, and much more... with Rabbi Shimshon Nadel – Rov of Zichron Yosef in Har Nof, Rosh Kollel Sinai Kollel – 18:57

How to bring a Korban Pesach - A checklist with Rabbi Binyomin Feldman –Mechaber Machon L’Dvir Baisacha – 55:53

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