Session 255: Honoring Black Maternal Health Week with NATAL


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The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, we’ve collaborated with NATAL, an award-winning audio docuseries about having a baby while Black. This week we’re passing the mic to Black parents to share their own stories on their own terms and highlighting those caring for and advocating on behalf of Black rural families at every stage of pregnancy, and beyond. In this crossover with NATAL, parent storytellers Shayla and Erick Brown, Anasia Sturdivant and Ciara Hunter adjust to life postpartum and the powerful transformations they've undergone. This episode also explores ancestral care practices passed down generations, postpartum mental health, the push for a national paid family leave program, and Crystal Starr Flowers, a Georgia-based lactation practitioner on her journey to birthwork.


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