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Jacob Puzey is a 39 year old husband, father, coach, race director and runner from Invermere, BC. He is the Director of Peak Run Performance, a company that offers a variety of coaching experiences to assist you along your running journey. He has also been a race director for two decades, and is currently directing the 5 Peaks Trail Race Series and the Tran Selkirks Run. As a runner he has won the Calgary 50K four times, and set the 50 mile treadmill record in 2016. Jacob cites his best running performances as occurring in the Pacific Northwest at the Mount Hood 50 and the Hagg Lake 50. When asked why he now runs, this dedicated husband and father of six states that his runs are now not preferential, but existential. Please excuse the background noise as we were recording from various locations around the globe during a mild earthquake! We hope you'll appreciate Jacob’s deep relationship with running and the running community.
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