Churches across America are failing in their mission


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This week, another church made a horrible decision. It came out that First United Church in Oak Park, Illinois would fast from whiteness for Lent. Lent is a common tradition where something that is valuable in life is given up in order to draw closer to God.

Except the very act that this church is doing is going against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not teach for the church to leave anyone out based on color, but that is exactly what this church is doing. In fact, if the church had been doing what it should have been doing for hundreds and thousands of years, we would probably not be having this conversation.

Instead, we find ourselves in the middle of churches who are more interested in playing woke social politics than they are in accomplishing their true mission: to spread the gospel.

The church in Oak Park wants to wear this as a badge of honor, but it should be a badge of disgrace. This is not sharing the love of God, the mission of the church, or anything in between. This is pandering to social causes that the church should not be doing. It is time for churches across America to get back to their true mission. They need to focus on spreading the gospel and sharing the love of God.

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