E315: Morels and Mash Tuns with Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.


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Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. makes big beer in small batches

What do you talk about when you get one of America's most legendary breweries on your show. Mushroom hunting, of course. As we chatted with Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.'s founder Clark Lewey and brewmaster Mike Saboe before the show we discovered we shared a love of mushrooms. We want to hunt morels, and they're experienced morel hunters. They love them so much they even brewed a beer in honor of morels, Scorpius Morchella. We promise the whole show isn't mushroom talk, but for a beer show there is a hell of a lot. Hang in there with us, we'll get to the beer soon enough.

Toppling Goliath has some pretty major accolades. They're the 2021 US Beer Open Grand National Champions and Beer Advocate ranked them the #2 brewery in the world. Their Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout has held the #1 highest rated beer spot on Untappd since 2015. Clark and Mike say the high praise keeps them on their toes and they always strive to keep up their high standards.

We sampled a couple of their brews, including Strawberry Shortcake Fandango, which is stellar. This leads us into lactose talk (there's no lactose in the Fandango) and ponder if it's the MSG of beer, as well as discussing another MSG-like contender, Phantasm powder.

Stouts and Stouts and Stouts

With beastly stouts like Assassin, Mornin' Delight, and the sought after Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout we talk... stouts. What goes into making a beer like this? Brewing, aging, blending. We talk secondary beer market, where a 2014 bottle of KBBS can cost up to $1,300. If you want the more affordable version get your name in the hat for a ticket to the release, where a single 12 oz. bottle will cost you $100. Not all Toppling Goliath stouts will cost you a C-note. Their Rover Truck is an easy-drinking Oatmeal Stout that you can grab for around $10 for a 16 oz. 4-pack. Now that's a deal.

We haven't tried the KBBS yet, but we've got plans to get back on with the TG Brews crew for an online tasting. Until then, I'll keep trying to invite myself to bottle shares for a taste.

Craft Beer News

The Beer List

  • Toppling Goliath Dorothy’s New World Lager.
  • Toppling Goliath Strawberry Shortcake Fandango. (Kettle Sour)
  • Iron Hill Resist Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout.
  • Tactical Brewing Co Zombie Curbstomp (Sour)

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1. Morel Mushroom Hunting (00:01:46)

2. Beers of the Week (00:06:46)

3. NEWS - Modern Times and Top 50 Breweries (00:08:42)

4. Toppling Goliath origin story (00:11:45)

5. Hitting big and staying big (00:13:51)

6. The MSG of Beer (00:23:54)

7. Innovations - LOX-less Malt (00:28:06)

8. The making of KBBS (00:35:35)

9. Craft beer and the secondary market (00:41:15)

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