9: Conscious Executive Leadership with Vicki Bradley


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What do you do when the world as you know it explodes out from under you? You pick yourself up, start healing, and move in a different direction. Listen as Vicki Bradley shares her story of going from corporate retail leader to conscious executive leadership coaching while raising two children on her own. Vicki was doing the damn thing. She was a President in the corporate retail space. She was traveling and making waves and taking care of everything and everyone in her sphere, until one day she couldn’t anymore.

Hours before she was supposed to get on a flight from Toronto to Dallas, she woke up in bed completely unable to move. This was the first episode in a series that would finally take her away from the career she loved and had been building for her entire adult life.

Then the question became, what next?

When you’re used to driving yourself to the absolute edge in order to take care of everything and everyone, what do you do when you have to stop?

Vicki’s story is a powerful example of what burnout can do to the body and what it looks like when you finally come out of the dark pit. Listen in to hear it all! Hopefully she’ll inspire you to make bold changes in your own life.

“I truly believe that if we are listening, our bodies will tell us what is happening.” Vicki Bradley

In this episode:

[02:03] Welcome to the show, Vicki!

[02:36] Listen as Vicki shares her burnout story.

[06:20] I had to listen to my body even though my brain said otherwise.

[08:11] She discusses the driving force that kept her going.

[11:07] Vicki says that on the inside she knew that the world as she knew it was changing.

[12:19] Once she started talking about what she was going through it was like a little bit of light began to shine through.

[15:24] The most instrumental person in helping her get through and push forward.

[17:13] We all get stressed, it's about how long you stay in that state.

[17:45] Life after burnout.

[18:56] She gives some advice for anyone listening who is going through burnout.

[19:57] Find out where to connect with Vicki.

[21:12] Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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