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Jack Hanks from Velocity Public Adjusting joins Alicia and Amy and talks about public adjusting associated with insurance claims after a disaster to one’s home or commercial property. As a public adjuster, Jack and his company represent the consumer/insured, striving to collect a higher claim than what the insurance company initially gave often under-compensating for the actual damages. Through thorough review of the insurance policy and the damaged property public adjusters are often able to find hidden or missing issues with the policy, claim or findings which are presented to the insurance company for review and possible claim adjustment. 47 states in the US allow for public adjusting companies to work with consumers while only three, Alabama, Arkansa and South Dakota prohibit this service. Jack strongly suggests that anyone with property insurance perform a complete and comprehensive review on a regular basis of their policy to ensure that proper and adequate coverage is in place before a disaster strikes.

Jack’s website is www.vpa.claims if you have any questions or feel you could use their services.

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