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Fiona Kong shares her co-parenting story with us from sunny Los Angels

Fiona found a gap in the market when it came to journals for children experiencing divorce and separation. She was open about her journal and shared helpful tools to help other parents that are about to embark on the co-parenting journey.

The Home Sweet Homes journal and planner is your family's tool for a more cohesive co-parenting experience post-divorce or separation. It is the first tool of its kind that truly puts children first in a gentle and loving way.

Home Sweet Homes travels with the child as s/he goes back and forth between homes. Combining the benefits of a journal and planner, along with thoughtful affirmations, guided writing prompts, and activities to build your child's resilience and self-esteem, Home Sweet Homes will give your family the structure and support needed to stay connected as a family unit.

As the first child-led solution available in the market made specifically for children, let Home Sweet Homes help make transitions more positive and less stressful for everyone.

Here are some of the questions that i asked Fiona in the podcast

Tell the audience a bit about yourself and your single mommy story?

Tell us about the Home Sweet Homes journal and planner for co-parents and children. Why do you think it's so impairment?

What inspired the name Home Sweet Home?

How have you found it raising a son alone and trying to pursue your dreams?

Why is there such a gap in the market for resources to support children during a separation?

Why is monthly affirmation so important for children?

What is the pay it forward donates copy?

How can we make the transition more positive?

Where can people purchase the book?

Where can people find you on social media?

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