Understanding Website Data.


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Digital Marketing Hotseat Podcast

Season 01 Episode 26

Understanding Website Data.

Analyzing your website data is a very important activity that will guide your marketing while also helping you make important business decisions. Listen in to learn some of the most effective ways to use data from Google Analytics to grow your business.

Getting Started with Website data and analytics

We start by looking at why it’s important to track your website data. There are dozens of WordPress plugins that one can use to generate website data, however we share why Google Analytics is our most preferred tool.

Functionality of Google Analytics

We will take you from the basics of signing up for a Google Analytics account and linking it with your website.

Google Analytics is so powerful, it has access to a lot of data, we share different metrics and what to make out of it. We take look at

We also explore traffic channels, conversion rates and how you can use this data to identify which medium brings in more revenue.

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