Chris’s Corner Episode #82 From Asthmatic Weezer To World Wide Speed Machine!


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This week on Chris's Corner I speak on one of my favourite topics of all time, running! This episode goes from my humble beginnings of struggling to run my first four miles at a 12 minute per mile pace, to the point where I can run an average of 7:45 minute per mile. The greatest thing about running for me was the way it changed my mental clarity and allowed me to utilise the darker side of my personality to fuel myself to tackle greater goals. As I say in this podcast it's not just for runners. This is about finding a cardiovascular activity that you love and can push yourself in. Once you find that feeling I can promise you that your progress will be limitless! Anyway, enough Gary V like inspirational BS. This podcast gives you some specifics as well in order to become a better runner and doesn't just focus on my journey. As always I hope you enjoy this weeks podcast and I will see you this time next week!

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