Episode 151 The Curren-sea of our new businesses with Elaira Tickute


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This episode is not just a conversation about one thing—business, it is a joyful exploration of the evolution of our human expressions and what we are moving toward. Elaira Tickute is here to “heal and rebuild (the) business paradigm” and of course it’s not possible to separate ourselves from business because business is meant to be rooted in the “currency of care,” as Elaira calls it. She does this through her own business—Elaira Flow.

Elaira’s great joy about her mission to help others expand their capacity to receive all of life flows powerfully through this episode of the podcast.

We talked about some of the patterns we carry and how we can recognize those blocks in order to shift from the efforting of working hard to earn money to opening to allow ourselves to receive money. The currency of of care is about moving into authentic living as well as authentic business. Through this curren-sea the field of the heart opens and business evolves from being transactional to opening up new pathways of creative experimentation and exploration.

We explored how to move through the limitations of the old ways and begin conducting yourself and your business in sovereignty and authenticity. Elaira shares, when you are willing to step into being a more authentic version of yourself, growth occurs naturally. She says the journey of growth one of the most challenging, but most rewarding ones you can do for yourself and for your business.

Elaira has her own podcast called, Welcome Future, and in the rich episodes she explores in detail insights around freedom from fixed price valuing and hierarchical structure. In our episode we focused on flowing into more of yourself and the seed of creation that wants to be shared through you not just from your head, but from the fullness of you. It's a gently powerful heart opening episode regardless of whether you run a business or not.

Link to the podcast page; https://www.artthatmoves.ca/podcasts/

Find out more about Elaira’s work; https://www.elairaflow.com/ Link to Elaira’s podcast; https://www.elairaflow.com/podcast/ Link to online business retreat; https://www.elairaflow.com/online-business-retreat/

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