Entrepreneurship, Wealth Management, and Government Involvement with Dr. John Prunskis


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In this episode, pain management specialist Dr. John Prunksis joins David to discuss his career path, the significant growth of this practice, and his involvement with the Lithuanian Parliament and U.S. government.

Listen in as John first explains how he became involved with the Lithuanian Parliament and what he helped accomplish as a member there. John and David then discuss John’s path into pain management from anaesthesia, the challenge of creating a pain-centered private practice early on, and the value he gained from joining a CEO/business owner study group.

Next John shares his approach to personal wealth management, including some of the books that shaped his thinking on the subject and the importance he sees in using a fiduciary advisor.

David and John then discuss John’s involvement with the Department of Health and Human Services, and John shares how his entrepreneurial practice has enjoyed hyper-growth in the last few years, while eschewing private equity.

Finally, John shares a few “pearls” for younger physicians and makes an offer to fellow pain physicians.

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