Episode 37: Lily Nichols | Evidence-based Prenatal Nutrition


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On today's episode, Dr. Jaime interviews RDN/CDE, Lily Nichols.
Lily Nichols: "There is arguably no time more important to have optimal nutrition than during pregnancy and this, my friends, is my forte. My career as a registered dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator unfolded rather organically and my work has included prenatal nutrition public policy, consulting, research, writing, and clinical practice. All of these experiences have brought me to where I am today. For you, this means you can trust that I have an in-depth understanding of all sides of the prenatal nutrition coin (including why conventional policy is what it is AND where there’s room for improvement). In short, my work is known for being evidence-based (that is, backed by research) and sensible (yes, that’s a fancy way of saying common sense)."
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