''Life Lessons From my Friend with Terminal Cancer'' with Liz Dabney (Rainey)


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Welcome to episode #12 of the Adventure Cure Podcast. What would you do if someone told you that you had a terminal illness and likely would not survive more than a year or two? Today, we are diving headlong into a conversation with one of my friends who had just been given a death sentence. My dear friend Liz Dabney was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer just over a year ago. Liz is thirty seven, recently married, and in the prime of her life. This is a story with two main parts in this one episode. Part 1 is about Liz’s struggle with alcoholism and her journey to becoming sober which sets her up for dealing with the heartbreaking news of her cancer, and part 2 is her dealing with the news of learning that she has terminal cancer. This is an episode where we dive into expectations we have for our lives, with faith, with addiction, shame, and living a life free of fear.



Book: A creative companion, how to free your creative spirit

12 steps of AA

Step 1: Acceptance

The 2nd Step: Hope

The 3rd Step: Faith

Step 4: Courage

Step 5: Honesty

The 6th Step: Patience

Step 7: Humility

Step 8: Willingness

The 9th Step: Brotherly Love

Step 10: Integrity

Step 11: Self-discipline

The 12th Step: Service

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