Why Putin's puppet, Alexander Lukashenko, must be punished


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In this week’s episode, host Steve Anglesey likens some of the pie in the sky dreams The Apprentice finalists had to those of the chancellor before hearing listeners' thoughts on what Rishi Sunak's memoir may be called. Head of National Anti-Crisis Management of Belarus, the country’s shadow government in exile, Pavel Latushka, then joins the podcast to discuss the dictator that has been in power even longer than Vladimir Putin - Alexander Lukashenko. He explains why the Lukashenko must be punished, why he has little faith the leader will change his ways and how he is, despite circumstances, optimistic for their victory in the future. Plus, Ann Widdecombe, Leo Kearse and Oliver Dowden all feature in the Hall of Shame this week. Enjoyed this episode? Let us know by tweeting @TheNewEuropean.

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