EP 181 — Paul Levy: The Mind-Virus That Is Killing Us All


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Why do people harm themselves and how can they learn to stop doing it?

Author and wounded healer Paul Levy returns to discuss the mind-virus that is wetiko, his latest book and how we can take back our agency in this warm and loving Living 4D conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Clarity on definitions. (4:14)
  • What is wetiko? (16:17)
  • Archetypal evil destroyed Paul’s family. (25:13)
  • The medicine for wetiko: Connecting with our creative spirit. (33:32)
  • “We are being invited to participate consciously in our own evolution.” (49:18)
  • What can you do to contribute to the awakening of humanity? (1:03:56)
  • The waking dream. (1:20:03)
  • A self-induced form of blindness. (1:28:08)
  • The powerful combination of compassion and emptiness. (1:38:55)
  • Downloads from my higher self. (1:51:32)
  • “The wetiko mind-virus feeds off our fears, turning our creative imagination against us.” (2:08:26)
  • Paul’s next book on undreaming wetiko. (2:14:55)
  • Embrace your agency. (2:29:06)


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