5: Developing Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologists After Burnout with Laura Berenstain, M.D.


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What do you do when you’re at the top of your game but feel unappreciated and as if your work isn’t valued? Fall into burnout. But then you pick yourself up, realize that your work is extremely valuable, and effect change in your specialty by becoming a physician coach. At least that’s what Laura Berenstain, M.D. has done as a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist who now helps coach and mentor others!

Laura was killing herself for her career. It took her husband raising his voice to her for the first time in their entire marriage for for her to realize something had to change.

The demons on her shoulders of anger and depression were riding her hard and she knew she had to make a change. But she didn’t want to quit. She loved her job and her patients, she just needed something more.

She now helps coaches and mentors women physicians and especially pediatric anesthesiologists and intensivists because there is such a need for them. Coaching has completely changed how she looks at her potential, and she wants that for others too.

Listen in as Dr. Laura shares her story and how she's working to empower other women and change culture and systems in medicine.

“For the first time in our relationship, he actually raised his voice to me and said you need to get out before this kills you.” Dr. Laura Berenstain

In this episode:

[01:53] Welcome to the show, Dr. Laura Berenstain!

[02:15] Listen as Dr. Laura shares how her burnout presented itself.

[03:00] What she believes her burnout looked like from the outside.

[03:33] Hear about her background.

[04:44] Dr. Laura discusses where she believes her anger came from.

[05:29] It was a dark night of the soul moment that shook her up.

[06:22] How she navigated her way out.

[08:31] Learn about an initiative called the Women's Empowerment and Leadership Initiative.

[09:49] “Mentorship goes both ways and is lifelong.”

[11:21] What she means when she says ‘even when it seems it’s over it’s not.’

[13:26] Find out where to connect with Dr. Laura.

Links and Resources

Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Initiative

Connect with Laura:

Laura Berenstain, MD

LinkedIn | Twitter

Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia: A Case-Based Approach by Dr. Laura K. Berenstain & James P. Spaeth.

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