“If we are not humble we will be humiliated” with author Kevin Barhdyt


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Alright yall, this next one is intense. I want to give you a trigger warning, this one dives into things like sexual abuse, drug addiction, and the like. But it is well worth it to hear the story out. Whether you have experienced the challenges of addiction or not, I promise you will come away encouraged and with some nuggets of wisdom and living life with more meaning from Kevin’s incredible story, especially when you've been handed a really tough deck. If you listened to episode #1 of this podcast with David Magee, I think you’ll notice some interesting similarities and parallels between these two stories. Get ready for a roller coaster ride of a story that will draw you in and leave you with some great takeaways especially if have struggled with addiction or know someone who is and you are looking to help.
Book; Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother
Website: www.kevinbarhydt.com

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