Laurie Segall on How to Create Opportunities


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When Laurie Segall first started at CNN as a journalist, she was basically working in the equivalent of “Scriberia” from “Inventing Anna.” But instead of getting discouraged, Laurie used that opportunity to build out CNN’s tech coverage, and created a new role at the company in the process. And she ultimately became CNN’s senior technology correspondent. This week, Laurie shares how she used her different jobs - good and bad - as stepping stones to work towards the career she wanted. Now, Laurie’s her own boss, as the founder and CEO of Dot Dot Dot, a media venture exploring technology through the human lens.

In this episode, Laurie shares:

  • How she turned disappointment into motivation
  • How she networked her way into major interviews with tech CEOs
  • Why every job (even the bad ones) can get you closer to your career goals
  • Why she decided to leave CNN and start her own company

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