How to heal your autoimmune disease naturally with Benjamin Benulis


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On this episode, we talked about:

Not validating in your pain Finding what's healthier for your body Liquid nutrition Feeling better with your body Going back to the basics Getting the nutrition that you expect Refine sugar is terrible, but the sugar from fruit is fine Fruit is healthy food Intuitively trusting your body Getting nutrition into our bodies The body is a self-healing organism

"When you're not consuming all these toxic foods, you start to feel all your repressed traumas and feelings to deal with"

"Your body is craving the sugar because it wants the fruit, it doesn't know what a candy bar is"

"Bodybuilding and fitness competitions are not about health, are about aesthetics"

About Benjamin:

People with autoimmune diseases work with Dr. Benjamin Benulis to conquer their condition once and for all. Because most are sick of dealing with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and medications that just give them side effects. He helps them learn the tools to get out of pain, get their vitality back, and feel like a normal person again. Bottom line: you reclaim control of your body, instead of it controlling you.

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