EP84 - Rhoda Dakar - Singer, Musician, Red Wedge... ”You see things can change...”


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On Episode 84 of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, I am joined by singer, musician, activist & campaigner, Rhoda Dakar.

We hear how her career began as lead vocalist with all female 2Tone band, The Bodysnatchers in 1979 and kick off the podcast with a great Paul Weller connection through The Jam and Rhoda being banned from seeing them live in concert in the late 70s / early 80s!.

We hear about Red Wedge in the mid-eighties where Rhoda became Chair of the Steering Group, whilst making guest appearances on stage alongside the likes of Paul Weller, Billy Bragg, Dr, Robert, Lorna Gee, Junior Giscombe and The Communards.

Rhoda also reveals all about recording a brilliant EP of songs at Black Barn (PW HQ) in 2017 called The LoTek Four, Vol I. Heck, we even hear another angle on the famous 'Mick Talbot gets left at motorway service station' story!

Find more about Rhoda's music on Bandcamp here and live dates & tickets for Rhoda on tour here

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