The Nerds Library #1 Batman No Man's Land Ch 1&2


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Welcome to The Nerd's Library, a show for all Fandoms. Today we read Batman: No Man's Land Ch1 and 2:
Gotham City: A breeding ground for the depraved, the indifferent, and the criminally insane. It's also the object of one man's obsession; a life dedicated to protecting this city from its many predators. He is the masked vigilante known as the Batman. With Police Commissioner James Gordon, these two men have always fought to preserve law and order, side-by-side, struggling against a pervasive and relentless criminal element, working together to hold the line. Until now. Leveled by a massive earthquake, Gotham City has been cut off from outside aid, transformed into a lawless battleground - a No Man's Land - where the survivors are turning against one another, and where the city's protectors are torn by a crisis that may consume them all. Gotham now teeters at the edge of the abyss... and Batman is missing.
Hope you enjoy!

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