Scouting: 30 years in High Performance Hockey with Vaughn Karpan


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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to see the game from a scouting perspective.
  • The critical skills and qualities a scout looks for in a player.
  • Advice for young, aspiring scouts.
  • What human components can and cannot be measured.

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Show Notes:

Do you want to know how a veteran NHL scout developed his lens? Today, we have the director of player personnel for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Vaughn Karpan, a player turned scout with over 30 years of scouting experience. We’ll be discussing the lessons he has learned over his career, starting from his early years of mentorship to the present day. We also talk about the qualities a scout looks for in a player, both on the ice and off it. Then, we explore the components and skills that can and cannot be measured by data alone. If you’re an aspiring scout, you won’t want to miss your chance to learn what it really takes to be a scout for the NHL!

0:00:00 Joining us today is the player turned scout and current Las Vegas Golden Knights director of player personnel, Vaughn Karpan!

0:01:20 What led you to scouting?

0:05:10 Who were your mentors in your early career? What qualities did you admire about them?

0:08:40 What does a typical week look like for you?

0:10:45 From a scouting perspective, how has the landscape of talent evaluation changed?

0:15:00 What do you look for when hiring a staff member?

0:18:25 How have you evolved your lens?

0:22:25 How does technology play into talent identification?

0:26:20 Relying on your gut instinct.

0:29:30 How is skating evaluated as a skill? How does it interact with game speed?

0:32:45 What is critical for a player to have?

0:35:15 Playing the game versus understanding the game.

0:37:20 What have we lost sight of in sports?

0:40:30 As a scout, What does a combine mean to you?

0:44:05 What components cannot be measured by a scoreboard?

0:48:10 Are there qualities that you look for off ice?

0:50:50 What advice do you have for aspiring scouts?

0:53:50 Why is scouting not for everyone?

0:57:25 What does it take to be a good scout?

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