Episode 21 - Spare Parts review


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We're going back to the beginning in this episode! The start - or, if you will, the genesis - of the Cybermen!
Yes, we're discussing the 20 year old Big Finish classic Spare Parts!
The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa arrive in a crumbling underground city patrolled by sinister police on horseback, a world similar in may ways to our own except that its cruel technology has but one goal: ensuring the survival of a doomed species.
Bleak, nihilistic, horrific and shocking in many places, Spare Parts is the ultimate origin story of the Cybermen for many Doctor Who fans across the world. It even provided the inspiration for the 2-part TV story, The Age of Steel/ Rise of the Cybermen.
But what did we think of it despite that? Does it hold up after all these years? Is it worth a re-listen?
Join us as we pick our way through the parts of Spare Parts...!
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