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More practice with the unvoiced TH sounds in English. Remember that "unvoiced" means your vocal cords do not vibrate. Also remember the tip of your tongue is between your teeth!
Part One: Words that begin with unvoiced TH:
1) I’ll be thirteen on Thursday.
2) John turned. 30 (thirty) on the 13th (thirteenth), I think.
3) This thing is very thin.
4) You would look funny with three thumbs.
5) Thanks for visiting me.
6) The opposite of thick is thin.
7) He threw the ball over the fence.
8) The thief stole everything in our house. It was a terrible theft.
9) The temperature went above freezing yesterday. A lot of snow melted. It was a good thaw.
10) He divided the cake into thirds.
11) Are you thirsty? I’ll get you some water.
12) I love to go to the theater.
13) Did you like the movie? I thought it was great!
14) Her only Covid symptom was a sore throat.
15) He used some flour mixed with water to thicken the stew.
Part Two: Words with voiceless TH in the middle.
16) He dropped the toothbrush into the bathtub.
17) I have a toothache.
18) There are a lot of Burmese pythons in Florida.
19) It is good to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.
20) His wife gave him a new bathrobe for Christmas.
21) They saw a black panther at the zoo.
22) Sally ran a fast marathon.
23) Something bit me. I think it was a mosquito.
24) Happy birthday!
25) The athlete hurt his thigh.

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