CrossFit Health Tip - Nutrition for Kids with Nicole Christensen, CF-L4 PH253


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Mealtime with kids — Is it possible for it to be low-stress AND nutritious?

Nicole Christensen wears many hats: CF-L4, owner of CrossFit Roots, Seminar Staff Flowmaster, CrossFit Nutrition Course Director, and, most importantly, mom of two.

Her best tip: Keep it simple and offer a small selection of healthy options to keep the decisions and negotiations to a minimum.

At breakfast, she keeps it quick and easy by offering a fruit and a protein, which vary based on what’s in the house.

For lunches and snacks, she likes to have a variety of good choices available so her girls can make their own selections.

At dinner, the kids eat what the adults eat: typically grilled meat, some form of potato, and a vegetable.

If this all sounds too good to be true, Christensen shares that when her girls come across foods they don’t want to eat, oftentimes it simply takes patience and time for them to change their minds.

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