Episode 7: Co-operation


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Niyathi arrives to collect Lockie for their crypt-robbing caper, but will he be there to greet her, or does he need a grave of his own? Another piece of the puzzle falls into place for Andromeda’s curse

Find out in this week's episode of The Secret of St Kilda.

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Written by Naomi Clarke

Directed by Michael Ireland.

Sound Design by Tracy Barnett

Sound Composition by Michael Ireland

Theme by Shane Rutherfoord-Jones

Vibe Checks by Naomi Clarke

Production Assistant and Hype by Chloe Hendry

Produced by Haggis and Dragons Productions.

Made possible by our Kickstarter Backers


Alan Burgon as Lockie

Alasdair Stuart as Narrator

Amina Koroma as Amy

Axandre Oge as Preston

Erika Sanderson as Wee Mary

Méabh de Brún as Andromeda

Michelle Kelly as Niyathi



Content Warnings:

  • Gun shot
  • Character death
  • Discussions of death and the afterlife
  • Desecration of remains
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Additional SFX Warning:

  • Kissing noises


The Secret of St Kilda Theme by Shane Rutherfoord-Jones


Falling Together, She Moved Mountains, Solstice and Undertow by Scott Buckley https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/

Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 008 by Sascha Ende®

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SFX Provided by Freesound.org

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