South African Single Mom Lidia Peto -holistic_fitness_and_coaching


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South African Single Mom Lidia Peto -holistic_fitness_and_coaching

Lidia Peto is a passionate life living proud single mother born and bred in South Africa. She grew up always dreaming and wanting to achieve more in life however circumstances like poverty, abuse and trauma changed her life and she ended up taking a different journey than the one she wanted. This journey has taken her through various paths in life and has allowed her to be the person she is today and in the podcast, she discusses her strength and ability to overcome.

Mother to a teenage amazing daughter who has various additional needs and this has made her want to help others that are in the same situation as me even more. Her daughter is Lidia’s inspiration in life and her ‘WHY’. She is her Joy.

Lidia’s two main motto’s that she lives by are #Justdoit and #NeverGiveUp, I have learnt no matter how Lidia is a Life Coach, a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer (Exercise for older adults / Ante and Post Natal) Level 4 Nutritional Advisor, Inspirational Blogger, Professional Speaker, Wellbeing and mindfulness advocate.

I am a Dream Chaser and have a passion for life and Travel. Everyone needs guidance in the form of life coaching when they need to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realisation of their dreams and goals.

These are the questions I asked her in the podcast

  1. Tell the audience about yourself and your platform?
  2. You are a Transformational Life coach what is that and how do you help women?
  3. Why is nutrition so important to track and understand when
  4. you're embarking on a new journey?
  5. Why do so many people quit the gym in January?
  6. How can we create and stick to good habits?
  7. How can we get fit and stay fit?
  8. How do you help your clients achieve their dreams and goals?
  9. Where can people find you on social media?

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