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Episode Summary

In this episode, Lyn discusses her mother-daughter collaboration on the Mae December series, her transition to solo writing, and where she finds inspiration for her writing.


  • Lyn wanted to be a writer but took a different path. Then when she retired, she started writing again.
  • Lyn writes “cozy mysteries”.
  • Lyn writes with her daughter, Lisa under the pen name Lia Farrell.
  • Lyn has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Desi.
  • Lyn has an office space that she uses almost exclusively to write in.
  • She has a nice window view in her office to help with creativity and focus.
  • Lyn finds inspiration in nature. When she needs some inspiration, she will take Desi out to a park.
  • Lyn is a master gardener and is in a local gardening club.
  • She is the chair of the Michigan State University writers’ group.
  • Lyn finds it challenging to grow vegetables.
  • In 2020, Lyn started with the pen name Lyn Farrell and started a new series that she was writing on her own.
  • The first book in her new series is The Blind Switch
  • After 9 books, Lyn still feels like she is learning.
  • Lyn likes Mark Wahlberg for the role of Detective Nichols.
  • Blind Split is Lyn’s newest book and is released in January 2022.

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