Ask the Experts: State of the Nonprofit CRM Market Pt 1


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The competition in the nonprofit CRM market has become increasingly fierce over the past couple of years. The number of viable competitors has increased, and their systems present a wide range of different features for you to consider.

This situation has raised many questions from our clients, including:

  • What are the types of CRMs on the market for nonprofits?
  • What are the key differentiators between major CRM products?
  • What are the vendors and CRM systems my organization should know about?
  • Are there true competitors available that should be considered against industry stalwarts like Blackbaud and Salesforce? What about Microsoft?
  • How do I know if my organization could benefit from a new CRM—or when we should pump the brakes on moving to a new one?

Build Consulting nonprofit CRM experts David Deal and Kyle Haines answer these questions, as well as questions submitted by registrants, in this October 2019 webinar that is part of our popular “Ask the Experts” series.

Learn more about the nonprofit CRM market and how increased competition and new platforms will impact your organization!

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